Design Sprint — Get you project prototype within just 1 week

Do you have an ambitious project?
We will support your team with the necessary knowledge and processes!

Is Design Sprint is your standard already?

See how to avoid:

  • creating and working on the specification and its development
  • exchange of multithreaded and unproductive emails
  • time-consuming meetings that do not contribute much

And all in 1 week — thanks to Desing Sprint.

I don’t know a more effective method for a more efficient project start!

Luke Ratayski — Social media portal CEO

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The file consists of:

  • description of all process days
  • photos from workshop
  • information — what you get at the end

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Do you prefer a 15-minute callabout the project?

No problem at all!

During the conversation you will find out:

  • which of your goals are based on risky hypotheses
  • how to verify the hypothesis so as not to risk the success of the project
  • how much does it costs…

To who you will talk to?

Martin Gorka

He is most interested in the initial stage of starting projects that quickly achieve their goals. He worked in over 10 software houses and interactive agencies, where he was responsible for project start and implementation of sales and design processes.


Chris Cieslak

Experienced in business, with 15 years of apprenticeship experience, currently the President of the Management Board of the software house B-MIND. Supports clients in creating business products and systems. It combines giant technological and process knowledge with the knowledge of the latest business trends.